Vision accomplished.
The new S-Class.
Discover the fascinating design of the new S-Class by clicking and holding the mouse button and moving the mouse along the vehicle.
Discover the fascinating design of the new S-Class by swiping along the vehicle.
Aesthetics in its purest form.
The front structure edge above the wing drops dynamically to the rear and thus forms the characteristic dropping line.
The distinctive shoulders emphasise the athletic character of the vehicle.
A further feature line sweeps from the front wheel towards the tail lights, lending a certain depth to the profile of the side wall.
Discover the principle of the ENERGIZING massage function: click with the mouse to drag the stones upwards.
Discover the principle of the ENERGIZING massage function, by swiping to drag the stones upwards.
Exclusive ambiance included.
Luxurious comfort thanks to adjustable air cushions in lumbar and shoulder areas.
Vitalising ENERGIZING massage function based on hot stone principle.
Seat side bolsters adjust dynamically to provide better lateral support.

Discover the operating principle of recuperation by first clicking on "Accelerator" and then "Brakes".

Discover the operating principle of recuperation by first pressing "Accelerator" and then "Brakes".

Boost effect: the electric motor boosts power when pulling off or accelerating.

Recuperation: energy is recovered and stored in the battery when the driver brakes.

Driven by innovation.
To recover energy the electric motor works as a generator during braking.
Energy is stored in a lithium ion high-voltage battery and supplied, as required, to assist the combustion engine.
Energy is also generated when the vehicle coasts or drives downhill.

Discover the effect of PRE-SAFE® impulse in a head-on collision: press the blue circle within the graphic and move it towards the vehicle.

A new impulse for more safety.
Seat belt buckle force limiters.
Component integrated into front seat structure.
Seat belt tightens in early phase of crash.
When load is greatest, retracted distance is released again. As a result the degree and risk of injury are reduced considerably.
Test MAGIC BODY CONTROL: Hold and move your mouse from left to right to generate vibrations.
Move your tablet PC up and down or swipe over the screen from left to right to create shocks.
Balanced forces.
More driving comfort thanks to Intelligent Drive.
ROAD SURFACE SCAN detects the surface of the road using a stereo camera fitted near the interior mirror.
The road is detected up to a distance of 15 metres ahead of the vehicle.
Active Body Control regulates suspension strut forces at each wheel.
The Active Body Control control module calculates the incoming data.
The vehicle reacts individually to all road conditions.


Listen to the powerful sound of the engine in the S63 AMG: click "Accelerator" and activate the loudspeakers.

5.5 litre AMG V8 biturbo engine
AMG-specific, performance-oriented 4MATIC all-wheel-drive system with rear-biased power distribution (33:67)
"AMG Lightweight Performance" light-weight construction strategy
Switchable AMG sports exhaust system
AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 7-speed sports transmission
Your S-Class Management Summary.
Experience the highlights of the new S-Class.
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